Executive Team

Alan Slater, Founder & CEO

Alan is the CEO and co-founder of EBO Inc. and previously co-founded Contivo, Inc., a semantic integration tool developer. Alan has held senior technology positions at IBM Global Services, Chevron, and Apple Computer. He has worked extensively with standards organizations, such as Open Applications Group, EIDX, and Rosetta Net. Alan started the first IBM Global Services EAI Practice while creating the first Enterprise Canonical Model to accelerate interoperability across industry standards. Al started Contivo based on these concepts. He created a new canonical e-business approach to interoperability which has become the best practice and foundation of EBO Inc.


George Spilios, Founder & COO

 Mr. Spilios began his career in the technology industry with Digital Testing Services (DTS). While serving in various capacities, he began his fundamental training in finance and operations at DTS. During this time, he attained his MBA with an emphasis in Technology Management and Accounting.

He parlayed his education and industry experience with jobs at both ISE and Atmel. He has also been very involved in the Wine/Agricultural Industry working with Stama Winery in Lodi, California helping them with operations and assisting with negotiating contracts.

George has cross-industry experience creating and increasing productivity, efficiency, marketability and most importantly profitability. He consistently employs an energized can-do management-style, utilizing financial and analytical skills, all the while blending them with vision and tenacity. He has a strong business acumen in company formation, human resources management, organizational development, financial statement generation, margin improvement, and high-level negotiations. 

George currently serves as Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of EBO Inc. George has also served as Managing Director and Board Member of the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival. He is also an Executive Board Member of AGDC. George is also a recipient of the Pedro Arrupe Award at the University of San Francisco.


Timothy Slater, Director of Professional Services

Timothy is a Senior Level Solutions Architect with 7 years of experience in canonical modeling. Timothy has a strong background in canonical mapping and data dictionary development. Customers include SanDisk, Navistar, Agilent, and Intel.


Brittany Slater, Director of Marketing

Brittany graduated from Tuskegee University in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Sales and Marketing along with certification at University of San Francisco State with a concentration in Internet Marketing in 2009. Brittany has held marketing consulting postions with IT companies such as Google,Riverbed,Intel and IBM. Brittany has over 10 yrs of experience as Product Marketing Manager.


Jerome O. Washington III, Director of Sales

Jerome completed his studies at Tuskegee University in 2006 with a concentration in Business Adminstation.  Jerome has extensive sales management background with over 12 yrs of experience having associated with companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation in Automotive Sales and finance Management and American Honda Motor Company as Sales Director.